Problem in sending sms with twilio

using twilio again after few days i’m not able to send sms with twilio…the status showing is “queued” always…
please tell how to solve this…

Hello @awantika.ashi123, as per Twilio, an instant SMS is not guaranteed by them. Its because you have a trial account. So it might take some time for the SMS to come. Also make sure that your phone number does not have the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode turned on.
Thank you

As @joel said it might take some time as the account type being trial .
If you still don’t receive messages even after that use different number to receive on as one of my friend had the same issue and he started receiving messages instantly after changing the number.
Hope this helps.
Thank you.

Could you tell me how he got his no. changed?? I just turned the dnd mode on my sim off and its gonna take 7 days min. to take effect. I tried to change nos. on twilio but no luck as i can’t upgrade the project. Could you please help me out on how i can change nos.?? Do i have to make a new account?