Problem in sending Twilio SMS for LDR

I have performed this python programming part but getting an error numbers had no attribute Numbers. Could any one solve this which will be a lot of help from your part.

Hi @nazirahammed98,

Can you type the ls (listing ) command in your terminal and send me the screenshot of the output ?


Is there a file called in the current directory?

If yes then type the below command to remove the file.

sudo rm

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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after compiling and running this code in vmware i am getting this error and i have also showed my directory on the following screenshot.

Yes.Iam also facing the same problem…could anyone explain it fast.

Hi @nazirahammed98, @sureshkrishnanv24,

Error: Unable to create record: Authenticate
Check in your conf file. There must be some typo error in Twilio credentials.

Thank you sir for rectifying my mistake where i have gone wrong. Found mistake in Twilio credentials. :+1:

Go through the twilio credential python file and check every letter of SID, Authentication Key also and every thing else. Your problem will be solved. even if any problem arises let me know.

Sir i have run that python coding on pycharm IDE but it still shows error in module ‘numbers’ has no attribute ‘Number’. Kindly help me with this.

Hi @nazirahammed98,

Check this thread Problem in sending Twilio SMS for LDR. Remove the file from working directly.

On your file wherein you wrote all the credentials for twilio account,you could check for the viable answer stated beneath:
1.Verify the Account SID and Auth Token are accurate
2.Verify the suitable Account is being accessed
3.Ensure no extra characters or areas are being covered