Problem in setting bolt library

When I type sudo apt-get -y update on the Ubuntu server an error displays as below help with the same

did you try sudo apt-get update without -y then use sudo apt-get upgrade

Hi @birjeyugandhara1798
Go through those errors yourself. What can you see.This might be because you don’t have a stable internet connection or the server from which you are downloading is temporarily down .
1.) If you have installed the ubuntu server just the way mentioned in the tutorials (if not, it’s better to uninstall and follow the steps), make sure that the date and time is correct to avoid outdated security certificates. Ensure net connection and reconnect to be safe. You can set the system date with this command:

sudo date --set="2019-07-21 23:05:59.990"

Now try the sudo apt-get update again. (Avoid using the -y for these updates.).
2.)Now if the problem still persists : Can you resolve any of those hosts from the command line? Ensure net connection. Write " ping (server name) " in command line :

jinx:775 Z$ ping

Check for data received from the server or any errors thrown (i.e if 0 bytes are received). If no errors, try the update now.
In case of errors, this is a DNS issue. To fix this:
You need to open the
file in a text editor (use Sudo nano ) and add these 2 lines at the top of the file:


Save the changes (Ignore the DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE) , ensure net connection, try the update now.

However on a lighter note, I had this same problem. The upcoming codes for IoT and ML ( in the lessons ahead) ran fine even with this update issue.

Thanks @ee17b110 it helped me resolve my problem