Problem in training access

I couldn’t able to access my training neither I received any confirmation email from your side. I have already received the kit and paid the amount on cod. Its been more than 2 weeks.I have logged in with the same email-id but they are not showing any kind of order of my purchase. Kindly look into this.

visit the link :-
then go to the course. and sign in.

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Please copy this mail id and through gmail, explain your problem to them. If you have already paid via cash on delivery, it is most likely due to minor technical issues. I would simply suggest you to ask the bolt iot team in the aforementioned email. They are quite efficient in replying within 24 hours of you posing the question. Also i suggest you regularly check with the “bolt iot training” site to check whether you have gained access or not.

Also mention your order number in your mail to bolt support team. It will help them identifying your problem faster.

Good Luck!

P.S.: Please use the same email id that used to purchase the item. Don’t use any other mail id.

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