Problem in wifi module

My wifi module is showing me both light but it is not connected to my phone.

Please reply asap

Thanks and regards!

So,someone is connected to your module.caught him.

but how can i get to know who is connected

@karanbora203 You have to connect module with another net(wifi) , not use same mobile net,pls off the phone net and connect the through another wifi , it will be easy.

not working bro any other solution

Both Blue and Green light are continuously glowing are not bro… Pls check ,no means you doing wrong :x: … After continuously glowing mean u done all are right …
My suggestion was use different net for wifi module

trace back your steps once again and try using different net connection

this soltion is also not working

No I changed the net but again it is dhowing this :point_down:

  1. get closer to the your mobile first and then
    Bro connect the module with another network
    Then open the bolt iot application in your mobile then it shows green dot in your application beside module model number in the application


Looks like there is some issue with the firmware of your device.

We will have to replace your device. I’ll inform our operations team to process your request.
You should receive a call from them by tomorrow EOD.