Problem in working of the Bolt device

I have powered on my device and the blue led starts blinking. I have used my laptop and my android charger for the power-up process. I have downloaded the Bolt IoT app and followed the setup process on my mobile. After following the setup process, the blue led is stable and the green led is also on. But I cannot see my device in Bolt IoT Android app and also it is mentioned that it is registered with some-other ID

Then your device must be linked with some other registered account.Try following the steps as mentioned in this link if you think it is a technical problem.
You will find this link very helpful:

Please try with your login id and password which is used in bolt cloud account. After uninstall the app try again to connect. Change also the wifi setting with 2.4hz before add.

Hi @lsaipraneethreddy99,

Please share your device id and email id to so that we can fix the issue.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.