Problem in working of the Bolt Iot Device

I have powered on my device after a while and the blue led starts blinking. I have used my laptop and my android charger for the power-up. I have downloaded the Bolt IoT app and followed the setup process on my mobile. After following the setup process, the blue led is stable but the green led is not on.
I can see my device showing offline in Bolt IoT Android app. When I did the trouble shoot a message came that the device is temporarily blocked. Please unblock my device as I want to do various other projects using the Bolt Iot board

Hi @yeshwanth.nemalapuri,

Blue led is stable and green led is not on, it means your Bolt device is connected to a wifi network but it is not getting the internet access.

Are you using your college wifi network ? Change the wifi password of your home network and Bolt device will be disconnected from the current network. Then follow the setup process again to link your device to other internet enabled wifi network.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

hi @yeshwanth.nemalapuri,
Use another mobile hotspot and allow the WI-FI in your Android phone which you have installed the Bolt Iot app and access the hotspot then it will connect it to bolt