Problem installing both virtual box and vmware

i have windows 32 bit. hence, unable to install both virtual box and vmware.

Can I suggest an alternative?
I have been using the online IDE on . Its quite easy to use and you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing virtual box.
Just go to and sign up.
Then tap on “New Repl” and choose “Python” as language.
Give a name for your repl and tap on “Create repl”
After that this screen will come.

On the middle you can type your program and tap the run button.
On the right hand side you can see the result of your program.

Note : All the required python packages will be automatically downloaded by the IDE. So you dont have to worry about it.

Hope this helps :grinning:. If you have any doubts please do reply.


can i setup python library on your mentioned link?

Actually you don’t have to setup any library.
Depending on your import statements it will setup the packages automatically.

Hi @ijassaleem2,

I checked it and able to download the boltiot packages. Its good. :slight_smile: The best part about this is that you can invite your friend to edit your code also.


Happy to help :grinning::v:

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In addition to the online IDE as mentioned above, I have an other suggestion like installing an offline powerful IDE for python like Pycharm. So that the files you create/edit can be saved in your local machine itself.
Pycharm is also very easy, powerful and handy so that you can continue for your further projects as well