Problem logging into training

as i have completed 50 % of the course and now when i am trying to login it says that it just directs me to enrolling page although i have enrolled in it

I understand your problem and this shouldn’t happen. So firstly i suggest you go back to google page and try again, twice or thrice
If same thing happens, then

Please copy this mail id and through gmail, explain your problem to them. It is most likely due to minor technical issues. I would simply suggest you to ask the bolt iot team in the aforementioned email. They are quite efficient in replying within 24 hours of you posing the question. Also i suggest you regularly check with the “bolt iot training” site to take note of the proceedings.

Also mention your order number in your mail to bolt support team. It will help them identifying your problem faster.


You had used email id to enrol in the training. We have received another login from email id- I am guessing you are using the second email id to access the training, hence you are not able to view the training.

Please Login using your email id to resume where you had left.