Problem regarding the first project

i used the exact code as shown by the instructor but it throws out the error saying
Please check your product code at line 167, character 117
Uncaught ReferenceError: hbspt is not defined

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The numbers at the left of the code indicate the line number.
The first project was of LDR which had only 5-6 lines of code.
It seems that you might have typed something by mistake on the 167th line after pressing enter too many times.
Just backspace the empty rows below the code till you encounter the wrong section of code which seems to be ‘hbspt’ in this case and remove it.

please erase the whole code and do try writing it from first this might help you

Hii @manav.sethi, please make sure you have selected A0 for input LDR sensor , and gives a suitable variable name to the A0 port , which shown at your right side.
now go to your code section and select extention file as “js” and write the following code :–
Replace variable name with the name you have write on A0 port , which is displaying just at right side of the code.
and click on the save button.

Sure I guess that worked for me
and yes there was some thing written on the given line number that should not be there , as soon as i cleared it out it stopped showing that error
thanks a ton to everyone who replied

my problem is not solve in this solution