Problem related to generating twilio phone number

Hello sir/ma’am
I’m having problems while generating phone number on twilio after choosing programmable SMS and clicking on Get a number after that a window is popped up with an option of choose this number but after clicking on it it gives a message of trial account must verify a phone number before purchasing a Twilio number. You can also check the screen shot that I have provided…so please tell me how to resolve this problem.

Did you verify your mobile phone number ?
If not , then verify yours then add above phone number. Go to Profile then do the same

I had verified my number but also I’m dealing with the same problem

@wasimdarahmad In case if you have already verified your mobile number on Twilio and are still facing this issue, it would be better if you contact Twilio support directly as they will be best able to diagnose the issue and figure out a solution.