Problem to connect wi-fi module with bolt cloud through mobile app

Sir, I am face the problem to connect the cloud with an app. I have done few steps after that blue light of the wi-fi module is steadily blowing but sir green light is not blowing. But when I am going to click try again this page is coming again and again.

I also faced the same problem @dhanupurkait just you have to restart the wifi-module and try to connect it one more time.After adding device the app will ask you to set up the hotspot you just have to follow the steps and make sure that your mobile data is off while connecting to the wifi module .The app will ask you to turn it on later during the further steps.If this doesn’t works out then connect the wifi module using other data cable.
Thank you

As per you instruction I have done this, but same problem is happening. Even I have tried to uninstall the bolt app .

Previous problem I have solved by restarting the wi-fi router and bolt wifi-module but I am facing another problem when I am clicking the VERIFY WIFI ROUTER. Shows some error.

Hi @dhanupurkait,

Change the wifi password of your home router and Blue led will start blinking. Now instead of your home wifi network, enters your phone’s hotspot name and password and check if it is working.

Check this video

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Sir as your suggestion i have change the wifi password but sir blue light is blowing in the devise steadily. In the mobile app showing the same problem. I am unable to connect the bolt device to bolt cloud. Please i need your help to connect it.

hello @dhanupurkait
I also got same problem during to connect the bolt device to bolt cloud.
Just Follow the Steps:-
1.Close your WiFi (Note. Click to Forget your WiFi Address)
2. Again open your Bolt app
3. login with same account
4. Now close your Mobile Data
5.Turn on location and WiFi (Not your Home WiFi, As a New Network(Bolt))
6.Follow the Procedure in app
7.Enjoy !

Remember- When you start your any project, just turn on your Mobile Data and WiFi(Bolt)
not your home WiFi.

Hi @dhanupurkait,

As I can see your Bolt device is already linked to your cloud account. It is just not able to connect to your wifi network. In this case, you have to just click on the Add device button from your Bolt IoT app and you have to follow the setup process again.

Or the second method is to manually connect your Bolt to wifi network for that.

  1. Create a hotspot network from your phone and note down yours phone’s hotspot name and password.
  2. Download the IP scanner on your laptop then switch on your Bolt device and it will generate its own hotspot.
  3. Connect your laptop to Bolt’s hotspot. The password for Bolt hotspot is bolt1234
  4. Now go to IP scanner and find the IP address of the Bolt device.
  5. Then open the browser and send the a command to your Bolt device to connect your phone’s hotspot .



For example:

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.