Problem to use bolt as wifi

My bolt device is transmitting its own wifi hotspot. But I want to connect it to other network as wife device. So how to stop the hotspot of my device and connect to other network?

you shall first connect the bolt device with a 5v power source.
then you shall see the blue light blinking slowly.
once you have powered on the bolt device go to the wifi settings of your phone and connect your phone with the bolt wifi with password bolt1234, although it may show no interne and once you do this the blinking speed of the blue light will change.
once all these steps are complete go to the bolt app and connect your actual wifi( the one with internet) and at the end of setup you may see a blue light and a green light constantly glowing on your bolt device.

After installing BOLT IOT application in your mobile phone and if you follow the steps as per the instructions shown in the app, at step 8 it will ask you to add network. If you add network there with which your device should be connected then it will connect to the network you need. But make sure that the network name and password of your network should be clearly mentioned.
After mentioning SSID and password dont tick the check box shown below them because it should be ticked only when you want to connect the hotspot of the mobile phone in which you installed the app.

Hi @shindesushil13,

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Do let me know in case you need further assistance.