Problem With Buzzer

Hi there,
I have been trying out the buzzer project for the past three days. I’ve gone through many methods in the forum and I tried them out. Unfortunately, none of them worked for me. I think that my buzzer might be a faulty one. Can anyone tell how to check that or what to do next?

Have you tried connecting the buzzer directly with current to test it is working .

@varunjkp2001 Thanks for your response. Not Yet. I don’t know how much supply it would take. And I am afraid that connecting it directly to current could damage the product. Shall I connect it via USB cable to my laptop and check?

It works like a led.Try using AA battery. Also You can use a multi-meter if available.

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Hey @varunjkp2001,
I checked, but it doesn’t work. When I put an LED in the same, the LED shines. But the buzzer doesn’t produce any output. :frowning:

Hi @vikneysh_it how many volt have you given to the buzzer??
and try giving it 5V DC

@vikneysh_it please Don’t connect any resister with Buzzer then try to connect it to the 3.3v connection it can Handle it :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hey @vikneysh_it , Make sure ur buzzer is ACTIVE buzzer.
ACTIVE buzzer will be directly beeps when u connect it to a 5v and Gnd.
but PASSIVE doesn’t do the same.
PASSIVE buzzers need some program to play ringtone sound etc.
so, if you tell me what application u need to use with buzzer then I can help you as well with code also.
And if u want to sound only Indicating beep , then change ur buzzer with ACTIVE one.

If your Buzzer is PASSIVE one then this Arduino code can be help u as well.

#include <pitches.h>
void setup() {}
void loop() {tone(8, NOTE_A5);}

note that… u can change the cord by by replace A with A,B,C,D,E,F,G and also play with 5, with different no. eg.instead of NOTE_A5, use NOTE_C6 etc.

Try connecting with low voltage battery directly it makes some sound if it is working.