Problem with capstone

Object E:.
Using the reading that you received in the 2 hours, set boundaries for the temperature within the fridge

Do we need to use z score analysis to set temp threshold?. Or set values manually?

You don’t need to set the temperature threshold values manually
You have to give values for the variables frame_size and the mul_factor manually
Then from the obtained data from your temperature sensor , your code of z_score analysis will calculate the threshold values and detects the anomaly temperature when the temperature goes above the threshold value .

.so what about object F
Modify the python code, to also do a Z-score analysis and print the line “Someone has opened the fridge door” when an anomaly is detected

Do we have to use z score analysis in both case

As mentioned in the course the projected had to be made using z-score , so you can not set the threshold manually, the code will take the reading and will generate the threshold.