Problem with connecting Bolt

High frequency issue. My phone is suited for 5Ghz frequencies and cannot work with Bolt which has a limited bandwidth of 2.4Ghz


Are you talking about the message that says that the Bolt device can not connect to 5Ghz network?
If yes, then it’s just a info message. The Bolt will connect to any 2.4GHz network.

If you are trying to say that your mobile is only capable of 5Ghz wifi hotspot, then please share the device model number with us. Also, if possible, use a different device for creating a hotspot.

i will advice you to use a different device to create hotspot for boltiot wifi module.

I have successfully completed half of the course ,now when I’m trying to connect to my bolt iot device it asks me for wifi network password which I havent configured at all I having problem in connection of the device with my cloud account

I did face similar issue with Galaxy M30s which only supports 5 GHz wifi band, my suggestion is to try with a different device(2.4GHz ready). It worked for me hope it’ll work for you.