Problem with connection of bolt device with app

Hello sir/maam!
I am having issues to connect the bolt device while connecting to bolt app. While I try to connect with the method mentioned in the app. I get the error and can not process further.
my email id is
Device id is Bolt1117161
Please help me asap.

@ishansarvaiya can you share a screenshot of the error? Also, how further were you able to proceed in the app?

@ishansarvaiya Which screen shows you this error? At which step does this error show up? Also, can you share the details of your phone?

As I connect to bolt wifi, this screen pops up! I followed the same method which was in the Bolt app.
I am currently using Mi A2 phone.

@ishansarvaiya Can you try with an alternate phone, for now, to see if the error is still present? Also, which version of Android is your phone running on?

I’m running on Android Pie.

@ishansarvaiya, I’m sorry to hear about this issue, I am currently looking into what may be causing this. Meanwhile, is it possible for you to do the setup of the Bolt device via an alternate mobile?

I did try to use another mobile but same problem is occurring.

@ishansarvaiya I understand the trouble that you are going through. Can you please record a small video of the setup process on the mobile phone and send us the link to

I think the problem occurs in Android Pie devices. As I could use it in Oreo phone.

hey, im facing the same problem. The exact same picture comes on my phone too. and while this picture occurs the blue light continues to flicker on the bolt.
please help

I think this problem is only happening in Android Pie devices. Try to use the app in some other phone.

tried still shows the same problem

@sheenatks Try updating the app to version 1.9.1 or 1.10.1. We have fixed the issue with the Android Pie devices.

Hey I am facing the same problem and even to connect to bolt wifi it is asking for security pin

thank you so much!!! it worked

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@chinmaydharwad21 You do not have to manually connect to the Bolt’s hotspot if you are doing the setup via the Android app.
Send an e-mail to if you are still facing issues.