Problem with PuTTY

Recently I installed Putty on my laptop. When I key in the IP address I got from DO and click on open button, I am getting an error message saying that “remote side unexpectedly closed connection”. Kindly help me out.

PS: I googled for solution and i was told to enable the TCP keepalives and change seconds between keepalive. It didn’t work. I also tried turning the firewall off.

first open putty and click on connectionthen chance the default value for seconds between keepalives(0 to turn off)from 0 to 600(10 minutes )thendepending upon ur seconds alloating then after every seconds that you are alloated putty will give send ping command to server so that the connection between putty and server will be keep alive ,after that tick on enable tcp keeplive so that you can resolve your problem

Nope…its still going inactive after two seconds

Hi @sagar.m9603,

This might be an issue with your internet connect. Please try switching your internet connection to some other source.