Problem with setting up bolt to new WiFi

I had configured my bolt and used it with an Led
Now I want to connect to a new WiFi .But when I type it shows the Led controllers web page which I had previously uploaded on bolt.what to do?


To go to the other page where you had entered the WiFi settings simply go to


Here ip_adress is the IP address of the bolt on the wifi network it is connected to

Sir you are not understanding my problem.I went to Ahmedabad and connected my bolt there to the wifi.Now I’m in Bangalore so I have to configure the bolt again right?
So when I type it shows the Led on off option which was the last file which I uploaded to bolt in Ahmedabad.Now what should I do

To reconfigure the bolt type bolti_ip/settings ( and you will get a page for setting the bolt to another Wi-Fi network. Then types your new Wi-Fi name and password and click on save.
If you want to clean everything then download bolt files from and copy to root folder of SD card.
Let me know in case you need further assistance.


Irrespective of the network. The URL bolt_ip/settings will redirect you to the configuration page of Bolt. Do try it and send us a screenshot if it does not work.