Problem with the course code

**I cant go to the certificate test page since it is showing that the course code I entered is invalid. Please help me out @rahul.singh1 **

please use the same email id which you have used earlier to access the course. if the email id is right please check your code again.

I used the same mail id which I had given earlier. And I have checked my course code again. It still isn’t working.

did you use any other email id for the enrollment of course or you have only one email id

I have used the same mail id.

the course code is a 30 character alphanum . am I right?

please do check again with your course code and email id and do ensure you have proper network connection. if still the problem persist please do contact

yes its 30 char only

@sundargopal17 Have you entered the course access code in the correct test? You will need to enter the access code in the correct test in order to get the exam access.

According to the order id, right?

My order id is #18547. I entered it in the first category.

@sundargopal17 Yes. That is correct. Since your order ID is 18547, you can enter your code there.

Login Bolt with the same mail id , that used for registering for the training program.

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For Bolt Certification test,Use same ID for you accessed the bolt Iot course or if you have any doubt read out the last module of course clearly.