Problem with the wifi module

I had taken this training 2 years ago but I had left it midway but now I thought of restarting it but when I tried powering up the bolt iot device the green light is not at all appearing I only get the blue blight which is blinking slowly can you please help me out

The blue light slowly blinking indicates that, the module is searching for the wifi which you’ve connected it to previously. If you had changed any configurations of the router or even the password in the past 2 years, make sure to download Bolt IoT app and go through the whole pairing process of the Bolt module with the WiFi router.

Please check the network connectivity

If the blue led is blinking slowly then that means it is searching for wifi network which it was configured with.
But as you are saying that it’s been 2 years so I m sure you probably forgot the wifi configuration. So now what you have to do is unlink your bolt device from your account and then pair it again.

Unlinking Your Bolt Device
Follow the steps carefully to unlink it from your account.
Go to this link: Unlink your bolt device

Pairing the Device Again
Do not make account again on boltiot. Skip to Step 3. Follow the steps carefully as you did the first time while setting up the Bolt Device.
Go to this link: Setting Up the Bolt WiFi Module

Note: During add device part the bolt app stops working and sometimes hangs the phone or it may not connect at all. It happened with me too. So in this case you just have to uninstall and reinstall the app and try again with logging your account in the app.

@abhyanth0809 the green light shows that the device is connected to bolt IoT cloud and the continuously blinking blue light means it is connected to the wifi but in your case, the blinking blue light means the device is trying to connect to the wifi you can solve it using following steps:

  1. Download the bolt IoT app on your mobile phone
  2. log into your account
  3. hit add new device your device will to bolt iot’s Bluetooth
  4. accept the request to use wifi

This is how you can solve your problem
For extra resources use this link