Problems in running Vmware server in 32-bit Windows 10 PC

I downloaded Vmware Workstation 9.0 for my Windows 10 32-bit PC. I was also successful in loading the Ubuntu server. But the Workstation asks for an Activation key. Help needed soon as I am to submit my project which involves monitoring of sensors using my Bolt module.

please repeat the installation process again .i hope so if will be installed correctly installed the above query will not repeat

Hi @sabarishiyer2010,

Please use this link for downloading the VMware

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@rahul.singh1 the given link if for 64 bit os… while i installed for 32 os several times still the problem persists… i even tried entering universal license keys but it displays use administrator account while me being admin and sole acc. on my pc(windows 7 32-bit os) … please help me with this asap and have a nice day everyone

Hi @champdragons,

Try installing the latest version of VMware and check if it it working.

and in last you can try virtualbox.