Problm in facing

Sir I am not able work on html on quoda I have written all steps after that I get to know the result but on google there was no option of file as in video you said to go on google and click on google help me out from this so I could work on html

I think you are working on windows …just go to the coffee shop folder and select and right
-click on index.html file and choose open with and then google chrome you will get it…i think these will surely help you

@sakshirocx12 Open Google Chrome. The ‘Ctrl+O’ and select your file then click on ‘open’. Here you go. Note: This is for windows.

Sir how will we prepare projects if there is need of more things in making project .i willnot ableto collect it then this course will be worthless for me

Sir where will we findcoffee shop folder

I have window 7 will i be to work on it

I am not able to perform any of the task

@sakshirocx12 have you created that folder? you need to create a folder, follow step clearly in videos and do what @Paresh said on google chrome

Hi @sakshirocx12,

Can you share some screenshot of the issue you are facing ? It will help us in resolving your query.

Yes i will i am stock for the first process

After watching video i have tried

According to Error, you are showing it telling to switch on mobile data, pull down your notification panel at that time and on it, or click on settings and on their. if it doesn’t solve your problem then do reply back

As you said i have tried but it doesn’t work yet