Process to control bolt from cloud

tell me the process to control bolt from cold.

I have uploaded same code file of control led, that we use to upload to bolt. but on click there is nothing.
so tell me the process and also simple html code if possible to control led from cloud

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Hi @12letsdo ,
You have to change small part into your code and it will start working on bolt cloud also.
First go to Developer Console -> API Section ->Generate API Key -> Enable API KEy
and then refer this GitHub repo for LED control.

Let me know in case you need further assitance.

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i am getting 404 page not found error

this is the code that i uploaded to cloud and showing 404 error.

not able to control bolt from cloud. tell me the solution

Hi @12letsdo

Your file name should be index.html.
Follow this step to control through the cloud.

As you can see in the test_bulb.html file, pin number is 0.

<button onclick="digitalWrite(0, HIGH); changeImage();" style="height:50px;width:75px">ON</button>
  <img id="myImage" src="" height="200" width="200">
  <button onclick="digitalWrite(0, LOW); changeImage();" style="height:50px;width:75px">OFF</button> 


Let me know in case you need further assitance.