Profile Update in Bolt Account

I need to update my profile in the Bolt account. I have to modify some personal details, like organization, designation etc., so that they get printed exactly the same in my certificates. Please help me in this regard. It is of high importance as the organization and designation of the candidate is printed in the certificate too. So, please help me out with a solution as early as possible.

Hello @yeshwant.naik Sir, I have already written a mail to the

support team. They asked to post the query here in Bolt Forum.

Anyone please help me in this regard.

@deeptanudatta You may update your profile by going to:

Bolt Cloud ( -> Three dots on top right hands side corner -> My Account

Here is the link for easy access:

Note: for the certificate, you will get an option to fill your details before the certificate is generated. So you need not worry about it.

Thanks @PPV Sir for conveying the same. But, this is only about name, DOB, Phone, Address etc.

Yes, I agree that in the certificate, we get option to fill in details, like name, organization, but there is no option to fill in designation. As a result, the designation appears to be same what I filled in when I first registered in Bolt Cloud account.

The designation automatically comes as student by default, which I filled in when I first registered in Bolt Cloud account, but I am not a student anymore. I want to update that also

It will be better if you share the link, where candidates first fill up the details in the Bolt Profile. I can surely remember, there was option of declaring designation and organization in that link

Dude that I knw very well. But, in that form, only name and organization; whereas the designation appears as student by default. I want to change this student designation.