Program can't able access Telegram Bot

The python code is can’t able to access the Telegram bot (I created). I have done everything right (I suppose).
Output :
response is {“value”: “177”, “success”: 1}
The current sensor value is: 177
Sensor value has exceeded threshold
This is the Telegram URL
This is the Telegram response
{“ok”:false,“error_code”:404,“description”:“Not Found”}
This is the Telegram status: False

I have named it correct (bot id) and chat id too… please help?

Hi. The URL of Telegram that you are using should be consisting of the bot ID that was given to your bot by botfather on telegram. It is given as something like 1460234810:ABFXbGMAxy… You just need to append the word ‘bot’ infront of it. so, ultimately one should be using the url as[‘Your bot api token here’]/sendMessage.
Hope it helps.


Did the solution provided by @abhiroopmokshagnabhe work for you?

Yes, I worked and thanks for help.