Programming the bolt wifi module

Can anyone tell me how i am supposed to program the bolt wifi module?

I am trying to make a RC car with a L298N motor driver and made all the connections and uploaded the code in the arduino but the bolt cloud isnt taking my instructions.

Please help me with that.

You should visit and log in, you must be knowing everything that you did after learning. Since you are making a new project, you must go to product section and then create a new product. Once the product is created, you tap on configure button at the top-right corner of product screen, there you have two options hardware and code, set the input variables and other settings required in the hardware, then write your code in the code section (the code should be in JS and HTML). You can also import codes as you like.
Save the code and settings that you’ve made and then click upload beside the product you’re making.
hope that will solve the problem. Make sure your device is linked to the cloud as well as the app.


Please clarify,
What steps did you follow when you say that “the Bolt Cloud isnt taking my instructions”?

Could you take a screenshot of the issue you faced while trying to control the motors?

If you did not try anything, and feel you couldn’t figure out how to control the Bolt WiFi module, you can go through our documentation on how to setup and control the Bolt WiFi module.