Project 1 - Data not getting loaded into Cloud

Hi ,
I have given the circuit connections as mentioned here : (

I have followed troubleshooting methods mentioned here

So please let me know where it goes wrong .

  1. It shows hardware deployed successfully
  2. Green light was there in bolt iot device , so it is getting connected with cloud and it shows ONLINE here.

But only plain page was visible as shown in the figure and I followed exactly mentioned in the video , the code and hardware and connections and connection link given in cloud all things . Also i followed the troubleshooting things and discussion forum and eventhough it doesn’t work in my case.

Please help me to resolve this error. Thanks in advance for your time .

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Check your code once again, any syntax error may be preventing it from displaying the results. Else, check your wifi is working well and reupload to device

I am facing the same issue. I checked the code too and my wifi is working properly too. Can someone help

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Iam also facing the same issue.Please Help me…connections are correct along with the code.But Plain page is showing.


same problem but it shows graph on smartphone

i am also facing the same proble. i checked my code and connection many times but i don’t think there is a problem . its not showing any graph instead showing a product code error

@swastibadhai1612 @harsha15524 @ai20mtech14005

The issue has been fixed now. Please visit the dashboard and check if you can access the page.

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@yeshwant.naik Thank you for your response.

@yeshwant.naik Thank you for your response