Project 1 : Light_Monitor

I’ve made the circuit connection as specified and created a project successfully by selecting A0 pin and naming it as “light” variable !
And I’ve written the exact code and saved it as js too
Code as shown : plotchart(“time_stamp”,“light”);

I’ve linked the product to the device
Deployed the code too
And the device was purely connected to hotspot and has a internet connection too
And I monitored it time to time but keeping it in different shades of light
But when I through the data which is collected I’m not getting any table of it as if I’m getting error

As you can go through the images attached and help me with it please !
Screenshot_20200821-215939|281x500 ase …!

check the spellings of code . it is necessary to import the google_chart library.

The syntax of the code you’ve typed is wrong.

plotchart('time_stamp','light'); //what you've typed

plotChart('time_stamp','light');//correct code

hope this helps

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@madhuap75 Hi you have done everything right but in your code You don’t need to put “;” after the plotchart statement. Try removing that and deploy it again. Hope this solves your issue

Hi, A java-script code is case sensitive and therefore every character should be in proper state.
In your code “c” should be capital. So code is like
code: plotChat(“time_stamp”,“light”);
Try this or on first line write this code : / *start typing your code here */

Thank you so much ! For solving this ! :heart:

Try using Single quotes instead of the double quotes that you have already used. and in in “plotChart” , the “C” must be capital.