Project 1 No Hardware configuration exists for this device type

When I deploy my first project Im getting a message like
“No Hardware configuration exists for this device type”
I crosschecked my connections and codes three times and everything’s correct. What to do now?

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May be something is wrong with the product that you have made on cloud , please check there and don’t forget to save the configuration.

Im not able to solve it

Could you please upload the screenshot of hardware part also.I think the problem is with the hardware part only. Please make sure you save it before uploading it. Also please add a semicolon at the end of the javascript code ----->plotChart(“time_stamp”,“li”);

Added the semicolon and saved it and again deployed it and still its the same problem

Did you save this page

Minimum allowed length is 3 for pin A0.
Im getting this error.

This means the length of the variable must be at least 3 characters. You are using “li” please try something else like “ldr” or “light”

Thanks alot. Its working now. :smile:

I was trying to point you to this very page only from my first reply…:grinning::grinning:

I didnt know that hardware and code have separate save button. :sweat_smile:

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variable name must be more than or equal to 3 characters and the first letter must be in a small case.
example: don’t - “li” or “Light”; do- “light”

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i too got the same problem… this is because we does not save the hardware configuration…
To solve this follow this steps:
*go to device tab and click on configure button…
*click on hardware and configure as per in the training…
*and finally click on the save button…
*if u dont save the hardware configuration this error would raise…
*in the training video this was missing…

Hi @vinayakashokm.cs19

I was facing the same issue for my first project. this was occurring because I was saving configuration in code not after hardware configuration.

Once I saved after configuring hardware and then after code, I was able to deploy the code.


Thank you so much for this. Even I was unaware of the separate ‘Save’ options for the Hardware and Code sections. Once I saved both of them, the project began working for me. :innocent: