Project 1 : Plant monitoring( LDR or Resistor error)

I have done the proper linking of the device and the connections but still the data is always showing 1.02 thousands , i have tried troubleshooting steps , connected 330 ohm resistor but still it is showing data 1.02 thousand . Please give me a solution to tackle this .

@nandinibondre8910 Have you tried covering LDR by finger or placing it in darkness? Is there any change in values?

Try it by covering the sensor with your fingers

just turn off light and trywith dim lights u can see the value changing

@shobhit.kumawat yes i have tried and i got two different(86 and 89) values but after that i again got 1.02 thousand values when placed in sunlight .

@marylincy321 yes i have tried and i got two different(86 and 89) values but after that i again got 1.02 thousand values when placed in sunlight .

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@kirthickrubhan123 ok i will try

@kirthickrubhan123 @shobhit.kumawat Now I am getting proper values in different low lights , but in very high light i am still getting 1.02 thousand value , i am not getting what is the issue . Can u please tell the range of values U are getting from your device?

@nandinibondre8910 Here, 1.02k signifies that the light intensity is maximum. You can place your LDR in different conditions to have a variation in values. You can cover it with a finger, place it inside a box, and a lot more.

You should try to place your finger on the LDR sensor then readings will be changed and if not changed then try change lightning conditions in your room and if problem persists then check connections of hardware.

Try checking with the different lighting conditions. The hardware components can be tested before using. Ensure whether the components work correctly.

1.02 thousands is the max intensity the LDR provided to us can measure i guess. Just cover LDR with your finger and to see the result instantly deploy configuration and click on view device. One more way is you can also keep your wifi module in a drawer or any kind of closet and do the same, you will get different results. the results which i got by doing this ranges between 400-900. You can give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @sanmitha. I also faced the same problem initially. Then I remade the connections. But still it showed the same value. But at last I realized that there must be a more difference in the intensity of light. So, in the dark room I covered the LDR with a cloth. Then I got a new value. So try something like this. Make sure that LDR does not receive the same intensity of light.

Even i had faced same issue, but when i reconnected the connection and covered the LDR with a hard book cover or someting n the i got the values.please try something like that…


The soil temperature probe efficiently monitors the temperature and moisture of the soil content based on the frequency domain reflection method (FDR).

Please recheck your connections. I attached a image of my circuit. It shows 161 in normal light. When I covered the LDR it shows around 96. I too used 330 ohms like you.

Please check the connections of the circuit. One end of LDR pin should be connected to 3.3V pin and other pin should be connected to A0 pin of Bolt IoT module. Also, one leg of 10k ohm resistor should be connected to A0 pin and other leg needs to be connected to GND pin of Bolt module. Select the Input devices and GPIO option in Bolt Cloud while create the product. Once the code is executed, try to vary the brightness by turning off the lights, or putting a cover over the LDR sensor etc. The values will vary. If the lights are on, then the LDR will always,by default, show the highest analog value.

Maybe your room has strong lighting hence the LDR detects the light and it shows the value of 1.02 thousand. Try switching off the lights or keep it inside a covered box to see different results. You can try changing the brightness of light and observe the difference in data. Normally it will show constant value of light brightness unless changed manually.

See you can set the threshold of the LDR sensor using Arduino uno and the max value of the LDR is 1.02k depending on your LDR sensor. I am sharing the code of Arduino and the circuit Screenshot just make the circuit the same and to low the intensity of light source take a paper and put it over LDR sensor as paper will absorb the light , the intensity of the source light on the LDR sensor will become low and you can the variations on the screen monitor mode in the Arduino ide . If it doesn’t work try changing your lDR sensor as it may got short due to some mishandling and therefore it is showing such high resistance.


int sensorPin = A0; // Selecting the input pin for LDR

int sensorValue = 0;
void setup() {
void loop() {
sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin); // Reading the value from the sensor
Serial.println(sensorValue); // Printing the values coming from the sensor on the Monitor screen

delay(100); // Delay for 100s


Circuit Diagram