Project 10:- Error:- Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

This is what it looks when I run the code

What is printed below that?

Nothing, it keeps repeating

Your credentials are incorrect

Check your file. Correct that file.

MAILGUN_API_KEY = 'This is the private API key which you can find on your Mailgun Dashboard' 
SANDBOX_URL= 'You can find this on your Mailgun Dashboard' 
SENDER_EMAIL = 'This would be test@your SANDBOX_URL'
RECIPIENT_EMAIL = 'Enter your Email ID Here'
SENDER_EMAIL = 'test@'+''

I didnt add test@, my bad sorry

Run the program, And tell me if you have received your Email.

I’m still not getting email :sob:

Show your terminal after running

Screenshot 2021-06-04 223305

Check your API key, it is case sensitive. Lowercase and uppercase letters has to be SAME.

Avoid typing the credentials manually. Copy-paste them always.

I copy pasted them and I checked they are correct

Send a screenshot of the Hide last few digits of the API and sandbox URL

There you go. Your sandbox URL is incorrect.

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InkedScreenshot 2021-06-04 225130_LI

I thought I was pretty clear here.

I am extremely sorry

Don’t be sorry brother :joy: Its normal.

I just want you to be able to complete your project.