Project 10 line 1 column 1 error

Your mailgun response as per this is true.

Yes you can check no. of mails sent on the site.

Hvae you verified your recipient email ID on mailgun?

No emails were sent yet. 0/0 delivered.

Do the following :

  1. On the left hand side you will see panels > Click on Sending > click on Overview

Screenshot (1419)

  1. On the right hand side their is a text box. You have to enter the recipient EMAIL there.

Yupp…it is same…I have send ss…there is no any email sent from mailgun as I am understanding

After verification, you will see a Verified icon below your email ID. (Check screenshot on my last post)

M getting unverified there

You must have received a verification mail from Mailgun when you had signed up in it, verify that first. It would be in the inbox on the same day in which you signed up

yes now i have clicked ok to receive notification from there but still m unverified there

You will have an email with title - Would you like to receive emails from /company name/ on Mailgun? from

yes yes i went there and clicked ok but still m unverified there titled would u like to recicve email from student on mailgun

But the mail body have a hyperlink with I Agree . Then you will be taken to a site to Confirm

When you click Yes, you will be displayed below message.

no there was nothing including bolt it only ask to u will get mails from mailgun and i clicked ok
ohh i was getting mailgun account STUDENT not BOLTIOT

Dont bother with ‘Bolt IoT’. That’s the company name i put as, under that.

Redo the verification process.

On the mailgun, cross and delete the recipient email ID. And redo the verification process.

Once you’re all set, you’ll be good to go.

yes but i have cut previous id but have to enter my email id there again n?

Yes you can put the same email ID, or different.

i am getting error there sandbox recipient not found

In your program? or mailgun?

maigun whenn i get tht email and click ok it shows error with the line i wrote