Project 10 mailgun response is forbidden

i executed the code which was given in training and then when i executed it was showing the message that the response from mail gun is forbidden @rahul.singh1 @shoeb.ahmed

@jayeshrane999 You can talk to the support directly using this link
They will reply within 24 hours or else you can mail them at

@richal.pandey45 my problem solved thank you

@jayeshrane999 It can happen when your credentials for the mailgun are incorrect. Also, how did you get the code working again?

@jayeshrane999 Hello! Can you please share how your problem was solved…As I am facing the same issue…

How did you solve it.

@phaniraghavendra661 check the credential in email_conf,py file if the credentilas are incorrect this error is thrown

can you please tell how you resolved it…i’m getting the same error

This issue can be solved by rechecking of credentials in file.
Bolt API_KEY should be corrected and it should to change to public from private.
SANDBOX_URL should be corrected.

this should help.