Project 10: Sending an Email when Temperature Crosses Threshold

Can anyone solve my issue!

no mail is sent to my mail.

Below screen shot describes my output


@Sai_prakash_ch Can you wait and check for a few minutes to see if you receive the email in your inbox?
Also, checking the Mailgun logs will also be helpful.

i checked my mail!

also i checked the dashboard

nothing working!

@Sai_prakash_ch Can you please check your Mailgun Logs? Are you trying to send an email to an email ID other than the one you registered the Mailgun account with?

@shoeb.ahmed even I am facing same issue can you please tell me where do i get logs in mailgun dashboard.

Steps to get logs in Mailgun ,

  1. Login to the control panel ,assuming you’ve already signed up.
  2. Click on ‘Logs’ at the top.

@shoeb.ahmed I’ve tried reaching mailgun support, it was of no help.

once check your email->spam and trash folder.

Hi @Sai_prakash_ch,

Please share the screenshot of your conf file after hiding some part of the key.