Project 11 social media of things

sir I have not understand about to get the telegram bot id . I don’t know how to get it please help me in this.

@tamizhiniang7 Hii bro…
Hope you made connection to the Bot father as per the guidance.

  1. search bot father in the telegram app
  2. type : /start
  3. choose : /newbot (By typing it)
  4. name it accoringly
  5. choose your username that end with “bot”
  6. you will get your telegram bot id.

    like this.
    But in the code you have to place “bot” in front of it. Like bot123456789:Asdfgh…
    if your telegram bot id is 123456789:Asdfgh…
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@skjshubhamkumarjain thank you sir i had the same doubt :smiley: