Project 11 , telegram alert : error code 401

In telegram alert i am facing an issue , if i run the code than it show error 401


Hi @gaman1802

In your telegram_chat_id delete and continue other.

For example, you had written
Then type @telegram_alert_something

Hope you get solved.:blush::blush:

no ,the error is also occured

Hii @gaman1802 basically error 401 occur when the request sent by the client is not authenticated. ie- server has rejected your request credentials for some reason. the problem may be the URL that is to be entered, it must have been typed wrong at some place. Recheck whether it is correct as “” + conf.telegram_bot_id + “/sendMessage” .

Also try clearing your caches and cookies. they also sometimes lead to deny request ie- error 401 .

And replace with simply @telegram_alert
your telegram chat ID is whatever written after followed by @ symbol.

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not solving , giving the same error

Hi @gaman1802,

Can you share your updated code (conf file also) and screenshot of the error ? Also share the screenshot of telegram page from where you are getting the key details.

tried this but still giving error 401

may i know whether ur issue solved or not…even i m facing the same

may i know whether ur issue solved or not…even i m facing the same issue

Can you please send the modified code and the error… Screenshots…

hello! I faced the same error while doing this project.
I will suggest you to check the API token of telegram specially zeros and O’ and if still face the same problem create a new bot and a new channel, the issue might be in bot.
Hope this will solve your problem.

Even i too faced the same issue i read somewhere that this error is mainly becoz of not creating telegram bot correctly . Kindly create a new bot and see if it works or not…hope this works out as it worked for me