Project 13: Predicting temperature using polynomial regression

I have followed all the steps according to the project, but the polynomial regression graph shows temperature values 99, 100, 101…
Can someone help me with this issue, I have attached the screenshots for reference


Most likely your data collection rate is 5 mins. That means after every 5 mins your data will be pushed to the cloud.

Do one thing, change the value(temperature) and click ‘Push Data to Cloud’. Make sure the value vaires, and you should see a vast range in values.

Currently there are 2 data on your graph, both are 100. Let me know if you face issues after performing above actions.

Same issue again, it’s showing 100 even if I change the temperature


In that case, we’ll have to check your connections. Can you take a snap and share in this thread?

Make sure the image clearly shows the jumper wires on the module.

Make sure hardware connections are appropriate.
When you hold ‘LM-35’ sensor in a way that LM-35 is readable, connect left pin to 5V, center pin to A0, and the right pin to ground in your bolt module.

According to the temperature in your area, the values will change.