Project 14 error

Can somebody help me insolving this error please

@yashdadi872 there are couple of errors in the program :

In here you have to delete the excess points from the list, so you have to write len(history) - frame_size, but you have just written the (history). So change it

You have to pass the To Number before the FROM NUMBER, but you have swapped the order. So create the sms object in this manner:

sms = Sms(conf.SID, conf.AUTH_TOKEN, conf.TO_NUMBER, conf.FROM_NUMBER)

I am sure your problem will be solved :slight_smile:


thank u bro…it worked out

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Your welcome @yashdadi872 :slight_smile:

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bro can i get ur linkedin prof…i wanna connect u there

@yashdadi872 brother I am not much active there. Instead of that you can drop a message via the portfolio which I made.

This is my digital protfolio link: Go there and do let me know how is it? In the side there is a Contact Me section, you can drop your details there and I will contact you back :slight_smile:

yeah sure bro…thank u bro…and also i had seen ur website yesterday its absolutely beautidful…may i know what all did u used otherthan html,css,js what are the front end and backend tools used

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I just have used HTML, CSS and JS for the frontend whereas for the backend there was nothing needed because there is no sort of database.

In particularly I hvae used the SASS (syntactically awesome style sheet) compiler for the styling properties. Rest is visible to you :slight_smile:

Oh ok bro thank u for the information…

Bro r u free now…i m doing my final project if u r free ill share u code