Project 14 import error

Hey! I am facing an import error in project 14. And the code is exactly the same which was given in the course. Hope someone has a solution for this. thank you.

Have you installed boltiot module?

No… Do I have to?

Why are you doing project 14 directly? You must have skipped the session modules.

Visit the training -
And attend all the modules without skipping any. Because project - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc all of them require this module.

Thank you for your reply but I didn’t skip anything but yes I started the hands-on practice with this. so this may have skipped my mind cause I am doing this after weeks. Anyways will revise everything from project 6.

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thanks its working now !

I apologise if my words were harsh, but I have seen students who skip the sessions and head for certification exams directly, without project or forum activities. And later ask for solution and support to get a certificate when they score below 50 %

All I suggest is, to go through the module and enjoy the course instead of trying to finish everything.

Doing all the projects right now sir! yes yes, you are right on your side…THANKS!

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