Project 14 room light monitoring z score analysis

Case 1:

Acc to image above. When the light in the room is on and even when ther is no chang in lighting ; it shows light level is increase suddenly and print sending sms. However it shows “HTPP ERROR”

Case 2:

Even when ther is an abrupt change in lighting. It doesn’t try to send an sms

Any one know why?

Hi@amaljith1998 first for case 1 check whether the details in your conf file are correct like your mobile no, api_key,device_id ,twilio auth _token and again run the project

And for case 2 please ensure slow change in light don’t suddenly change it from 1024 to 76 slowly change with variation of light with the help of your torch or hand from 1024,800,700 likewise hope it helps

Hey @amaljith1998,

This problem in your code may arise due to rate limit of your API which occurs due to a large number of requests received from your account. You may have received an email from Bolt Iot team regarding the issue. Try unlocking yourself using the link given in email.

P.S. Let me know if you face any other issue.
Thank you.