PROJECT 14 understanding code

Zn = factor * math.sqrt(Variance / frame_size)
High_bound = history_data[frame_size-1]+Zn
Low_bound = history_data[frame_size-1]-Zn
return [High_bound,Low_bound]
As z-score=(data we want-mean)/std deviation, so i want to understand above code by this formula. Also i want to know what history_data,mul factor and frame size signifies here in the function?
And bound[0] is value returned by high bound and bound[1] is returned by low bound?

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@swastishree10 i am drafting the ans. Please wait for sometime :slight_smile:

I hope you will get it :slight_smile:


ok i am reading this thanks for your concern

Do let me know after you read it :grin:

@vishalvats2000ys i read it and understood it as well. It is all clear now.Thank u soo much for the solution. :star_struck:

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@swastishree10 welcome. Glad I helped you :slight_smile:

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Did you go through all 4 pages i.e. work about and so on?

yes yes i saw all the parts