Project 15: Assignment Integromat


I am not able to implement “Project 15: Assignment Integromat”. Can someone please mention the detailed steps in order to complete the project, beginning from Creating a scenario on Integromat?


@meet.joshi.iitkgp Can you please share which step of the assignment you are facing an issue with?


@shoeb.ahmed Firstly, I am facing issue in task 2 step3 " Link the Facebook module to the webhooks module." I choose facebook > actions > Get a Post. what next?
I get a dropdown in post section. How can I write my own post? PFA the screenshot


Actually you have to choose facebook (legacy) module.

  1. when adding new module to the webhook click on “add another module”
  2. select facebook -> facebook(legacy)
  3. in this module you will get the option of “create a post” trigger to select.

ALERT - But don’t choose this module and “create a post” trigger because it won’t work. You will get the error - “403: OAuthException (200)” when you look at the history tab of your scenario in integromat.
Reason - facebook module is version 6 and facebook legacy module is version 5 ,i.e., the older one. Previously you could post on facebook through triggering webhook but now facebook has reviewed the auto-post feature and does not let anyone auto-post on facebook. That’s why the “create a post” feature is not available in the facebook module.

Have a look at the history of the scenario using twitter module’s “create a tweet” instead of facebook module’s “create a post” shown in the image below.


add twitter module instead.
choose ‘create a tweet’ trigger.
add the message "I am not getting enough light - sent by your Plant " in the status field of the trigger.
You will get the desired result as shown below.


Have a look at the history of the scenario using facebook shown in the image below.


really nice!!! appreciate it