Project 15 : What to fill in link

What to fill in this box

Man I am too struggling to send messages to FB post.

leave that box empty

can you help me why the message is not getting posted on Facebook?

while configuring webhook you trigger once through your python program so that that webhook identifies which type of data you are going to feed.

How should i do that i am not getting your point.

First link both the modules.

In the snap you have posted here , you have run the scenario.
Now you see the last line written there, i.e, “The request was accepted. Waiting for data”. Now you run the python code you have written after providing the url of the webhook.
you will see the scenario will successfully run.

let me know if this doesn’t work

my code is running well and sending me sms via twilio if light sudenly decreases or increses, but not getting posted on my facebook page.

can you send me the snap of the error shown by integromat

No error is being shown.

I am describing the whole process here. Go through it and you will be able to get your message posted to your facebook.

Open integromat dashboard

Search for webhook and Facebook Pages

Now configure and copy the url provided

Add module

If this is your first time add a new connection

Select the page in which you want to post

-And then press ok
-Save the scenario
Now run the scenario first and then your python code.

-you will get a success message in the scenario.
-Now you can make your scenario active and run the python code any time you like

can you verify my code if there is anything wrong because still not getting posted on my FB page.

you have not imported requests.
import it first and then edit the code as described in the training

still, the message not getting posted on FB page.

what error is it showing

Its not showing any Error

check the scenario history

check this once
And in incomplete execution tab its written “No Data”

this means your webhook is not recieving the data.

have you written the url of webhook in you python code and followed what i said?

Yes as you said i have done the same way.
Right Now i created new facebook page and the message got posted once and now again not getting posted,