Project - 3 Controlling Led

The Led bulb is not glowing. It is showing a message “No hardware configuration exists for this device type” while using deploy configuration after saving the program. Every connections, programming done correctly and saved the program.

Hi Vivek! have you checked the connections once again? Check if you correct replaced the “API key” with a newly generated key.

Hi Vivek,
Check the connections you made, especially the positive and ground leg of LED.
Check the API key associated with the Bolt Module, if you have changed your API key then all the code associated with the old API key wont work.
Follow the instructions given in the project.
Do check the power supply given to the WiFi module.

Also read the Bolt Documentation for troubleshooting the module.

Hope my response is helpful for you.

@vivekbarnwal85 Did you configure the hardware part on the bolt cloud by selecting the pin to which you are connecting the LED? As given in the course, you have to connect the LED to pin 0 and select pin 0 in the hardware configuration too. You can select any pin from 0, 1, 2, 3,4 but you should make the connection to that pin only and in the code also you need to modify pin number.

Check the following steps :
1 Connect the Hardware connections properly.
2 Go to Bolt IoT app.
3 Once go to the process creating project.
4 Check the pin you connected in the hardware is same in software.
5 And also the name you have given for the pin is same as in given code.
6 Then link the device.
7 Deploy configuration.
8 View the device.
Finally you can get the output.