Project 3 led control

why aren’t there any vid lectures regarding project 3 led control. its too challenging to just read and troubleshoot the problems. after reading some of the doubts from the forums i was not able to understand the solutions regarding project 3. most of the solutions were some links to some other code file . not satisfied with this lectures.

Sir, if you’ve reached project 3, it is certain that you are well versed with using the BOLT Cloud, GPIO, hardware configurations and how to code for implementing them.

If not, I suggest, you visit “Project 1: Building Your First IoT Sensor Project” in the module and understand how to create the product and link the product to the device.

Then visit Home Automation to your Project 3, and follow the steps which are given alongwith. Like setting the variable names to digital pins, and use the same pin number on the HTML/JS code.

If you face any issue, this forum will be there to resolve any issue you face.


Which part of the lecture you are not able to understand?

Also, do let us know till what point have you completed the project so that we can guide you further.