Project 5: Assignment - Advanced Graphs and Changing the sound of Buzzer

In this module, LED controlling device,what is the significance of using setKey(’{{ApiKey}}’,’{{Name}}’) when no third device is interfaced.

Here there are 5 sub categories(task) mentioned.
Where are the docs which has to read???.
When RTFM searched on google not proper information is present regarding it and its API Docs.
For hide download button,from where do we refer the syntax and understand about it.
From where do we refer the syntax to change the frequency of the buzzer

I can help with the syntax for changing the frequency of buzzer. it should go like this

analogWrite(pin_no, value)

So the code becomes

analogWrite(0, 100)

u can use values from 0-255 to get varying sounds

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RTFM is ‘read the f**king manual’ and is given in a sarcastic manner.
you will find all the docs in your bolt cloud account on the left hand side menu bar named “docs”.


can anyone explain the significance of setKey(’{{ApiKey}}’,’{{Name}}’ in the led controlling code,as no third device is interfaced.
if i comment out this line,the code doesnt work!!!.
And if suppose a third device is interfaced,then instead of ‘Name’ syntax,should we use the device name,with which it is interfaced?.