Project 6: Checking Device Status---Invalid API

Hello there!
While doing project 6 I encountered an error: Invalid Api while running the code, even though the API entered was correct.

I did resolve it by generating a new API and copying it in my code.
But I would like to know why the old API didn’t work. Why do we even had to generate a new API? I think there must be a proper reasoning or explanation for that.

If anyone please let me know I am curious. Also many people did face the problem and resolved it by doing the same. But still why it happened?

hii @spriyam095
Visit to know about our API access rules.
Any cloud service has a limited bandwidth which is shared by its users. When any user overuses the system beyond the specified limit it affects the usage for other users of Bolt cloud. The effects could be a slower response rate for others or at times could even crash the Bolt Cloud. To prevent this situation and to ensure that you get a continues uptime of the Bolt cloud, this feature exists.
I hope this will help you.
Thank you!!

yes it helped thank you.I got it.

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