Project 9: 'Device does not exist' error

I’m facing this error after executing the code. I’m attaching the error screenshot. Also I double-checked all the details of the file. Thank you.

Hi @sohumssk

Could you please share the screenshot of the code.

Yeah sure!

@sohumssk I think you have typed wrong credentials, please check your file for all credentials and type them same.Please check for 0 and O.You can be confused between them.Specially your Bolt DEVICE_ID .

for analogRead you are using ‘A0’ i.e.


rather it should be:


this should resolve your problem.

I copied and pasted all the values in file so they’re probably right.
Thanks anyway.

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I tried it. Still showing the same error :pensive:

Thanks everyone. The problem was due to not installing boltiot python libraries.
Now I’ve got another error.