Project 9 invalid literal for int() with base 10: invalid api key

i have an error project

here is the cod and error

I have gone through with your code. It is perfectly fine. Whatever error you aregetting according to me there is an error in conf file. Once again check all the fields, specially API key. The format of conf file is as follows:

SID = ‘You can find SID in your Twilio Dashboard’

AUTH_TOKEN = ‘You can find on your Twilio Dashboard’

FROM_NUMBER = ‘This is the no. generated by Twilio. You can find this on your Twilio Dashboard’

TO_NUMBER = ‘This is your number. Make sure you are adding +91 in beginning’

API_KEY = ‘This is your Bolt Cloud accout API key’

DEVICE_ID = ‘This is the ID of your Bolt device’

API key you can check by login into Go to API and press on the eye option, you can copy your API.

Hope this will work.

thank you …its working but i have an another problem

Hii @rakeshpotharla0664
Have you verified your number with twilio?
For verifying a number go to Twilio dashboard , click on phone number, and then click on verified caller id and verify the number you want to use to get the sms.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi @rakeshpotharla0664,

Check this thread Twilio HTTP Error - Unable to create record Authenticate

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Kindly check whether you have applied +91(country code) before your number.
May be this helps you.

thank you … its working

thank you so much … i got the output

thank you …